Keeping Summer’s Shine & Sweat Away!!

As this summer season has heated up I wanted to share some great tips on keeping your skin and your makeup looking flawless.

My first product that is a MUST HAVE and also a Hollywood Secret is called “Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive + Oil Control cream”. This all in one product is great for camera makeup or just everyday makeup that you want to keep shine-free. It should be used as a primer of sorts, so after your moisturizer, before your makeup. And those who don’t wear makeup- no problem! I use it on men all the time, including ones who shave their head and don’t want to be a disco ball for the day. Why do I love this product compared to other primers/anti-shine products? It lasts all day, and I mean all day! It also feels good when it goes on the skin and even better- it IS good for the skin. It is made with quality ingredients and great for sensitive/acne prone skin as well. Remember a little bit goes a long way and it is well worth the price. It is only $25.00 and you can find it on

My second favorite summer product is the “EltaMD tinted UV broad-spectrum SPF 46”. This sunscreen is one of my favorites for multiple reasons. The tinted version improves the appearance of your skin and doesn’t leave you with a white face after applying (men love it for that reason too), it has a a higher SPF than average so you know you’ll be protected no matter where you are, it is filled with nutrients like hyaluronic acid so your skin stays hydrated through out the day, and it also has a light-weight texture/non-greasy formula. This product you can find at one of your local medical spas or on Amazon.

My third summer product is a great (super-inexpensive) loose powder that keeps away shine and sets your makeup. It is the “E.L.F High Definition Powder”. I love this translucent powder because it is finely milled which helps to blur out any imperfections, minimize your pore size, keep away shine, all while keeping your makeup on longer! All of this for only $6.00! You can find this at local drug stores or on Amazon.


I hope these tips came in handy so you can enjoy your summer and look beautiful while doing it!  😉




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Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag.

After a long winter it’s time for all of us to climb out of our hibernation and it is safe to say we all get the itch to clean out our surroundings and start fresh.

I frequently am asked by brides, actors, or clients if a cosmetic shelf-life really matters or more often it’s a product they talk about that doesn’t work like it used to. Either their foundation shade has changed and no longer matches their skin or their cream blush is no longer smooth. These are signs that your products have far reached their shelf life. Similar to the food we eat, it all expires and/or goes stale.

Remember when you were a kid and your favorite nail polish became just globs of goop that never dried, (you didn’t care though, the confetti glitter consumed all your thoughts) then one day your mother had enough and tossed it. Well, that same type of thing happens to our makeup although it may not be that obvious.

A quick tip, any makeup product with water in the ingredients provides a friendly place for bacteria to thrive. So your liquid liners, your liquid foundations, creams, mascara etc. all have a quicker expiration than powders. For example, if your skin randomly starts breaking out, it could due to expired foundation or concealer. If your lipstick or gloss starts to smell funky that is also a sign. And for those of you who get coldsores- my advice: DO NOT use any lipstick or gloss until it is completely healed, otherwise it’s time toss it. Those previous germs can harbor themselves and could cause you future coldsores.

As far as eye products go, this is one to watch. Expired products are breeding ground for eye infections such as pink eye, styes, etc. Also when buying new eye brushes, (especially really inexpensive ones online!), cleanse them before use! Sometimes the manufacture’s will have leftover toxins on the bristles that could cause an eye infection.

A great way to keep your products clean while they are still in good standing is by using a cosmetic sanitizer spray. I like the Beauty-So-Clean spray. (Thank you, Amazon) Spray 6 inches from the product, wait 10 seconds, and then you’re ready to use. This is great for professional makeup artists or anyone sharing their makeup. (Let’s be honest, you may share with your friends or your daughters once in a while.) This is also a smart way to disinfect product after an eye infection or a break out.

Below I have added a general expiration list, this may change with each brand according to their ingredients and preservatives- so again, generally speaking.


  • POWDERS – 2 yrs.
  • CREAM BLUSH – 18 months
  • FOUNDATION – 1 yr.
  • CONCEALER – 18 months
  • LIPGLOSS – 2 yrs.
  • PENCIL EYELINER – 2 yrs.
  • GEL/LIQUID LINER – 3 months
  • MASCARA – 3 months

An easy way to keep track is mark on a calendar the days you purchase your makeup and get in the habit of looking at those dates every so often. If it’s every season your get a new mascara- perfect. Or if every Christmas you get a new lipstick- perfect. There are plenty of easy ways to organize the timing of your makeup depending on your needs.

I hope that list helps you do a little spring cleaning and save your face from unwanted breakouts or infections.





“The spring wakes us, nurtures us and revitalizes us. How often does your spring come? If you are a prisoner of the calendar, it comes once a year. If you are creating authentic power, it comes frequently, or very frequently.” –Gary Zukav




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How to enhance your most magnificent organ; your brain.

This particular life changing experience I am going to share with you is something that I never imagined could happen, let alone a personal triumph I would share with others.

As a backstory growing up I was never a reader. I enjoyed reading when I could stay focused but as I grew older the harder it became to focus on the words and even more so the comprehension. I managed to get by with decent grades and found more of my natural strengths in the Arts.

Now fast forward to present day. I recently read a book called “Unchain Your Brain” by Dr. Amen, a well-known Neurologist from California. My fiancé had introduced me to the book where as he had his brain scanned from Dr. Amen a few years back. When I was then later reading over his brain-scan results I came across all of these natural supplements that offered major brain health benefits.

A lot of these supplements were also to naturally help with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, concentration, energy, mood support, brain function, etc. I was already in the process of making some healthy lifestyle changes such as becoming more active, making all three of my meals at home with quality ingredients, getting a decent amount of sleep each night, etc. I thought why not add another element to continue improving my lifestyle. Either this was going to be a positive change and the results would be priceless or I would have no regrets, there is no point in feeling guilty over a decision that could possibly benefit your life.

And what happened next was absolutely incredible. I noticed within the first week my moods were more stable, I just simply woke up happier. Shortly after that I noticed I was able to think and speak more clearly. And then you won’t believe it, I started reading and it was like never before. I still had to consciously stay focused but it came much easier and quicker. I was able to read at about twice the speed without having to re-read pages, where as before my mind would float off in space while reading. My comprehension and vocabulary was growing at a rapid rate. I noticed in my communicating with others that my confidence had built because I truly felt smarter. I felt as if my relationships all around me had changed because I was able to truly engage in conversations. I could listen well and then respond with something intelligent and meaningful. I have always enjoyed learning but now I feel as if my capacity for learning has grown. I rarely get the “brain overload” feeling or “burnt out” feeling. I no longer have shortness of breath when overworked or put into a tough emotional situation. I no longer feel the lack of motivation when it comes to things like reading, writing, and everyday tasks.

And the best part of all of these dramatic life-changing experiences is the capacity of things I am able to juggle and with that said juggle with grace. I was told at a young age that multi-tasking was not one of my talents and that I should do things one at a time in order to get them done efficiently. I had believed that for a very long time, until now. Yes, I learned some great techniques because of my past and that is a huge reason why I am excellent at paying attention to detail (which for my line of work is crucial) but now I am able to multi-task. And that alone has grown my confidence & more importantly my self-love, to a whole new level. I would attribute a huge part of that self-love growth to the fact that I am able to accomplish more within a day, which then leads me going to bed that night feeling capable, efficient, successful, and ready to rest. Then once I was able to do this in a pattern or schedule like manner then I noticed I was sleeping easier and deeper and waking with more excitement to take on a new day.

Now some of you may ask what prompted me to share this particular story with you? Well, I was talking with a great friend and example of mine that some of you may be familiar with, Richard Paul Evans, a well-known successful author. I asked him what made him want to be a author, he replied with the response that when he was younger he had trouble staying interested in books because many moved slower than his mind, so he decided to write his own that could rather keep up with him. This then lead me to mention my past struggle with focusing and the Dr. Amen book along with the supplements I was taking. He was very intrigued and he said, “That’s what you should write your next blog on!” And I would be crazy if I did not take advice from a very, very intelligent man whose strength is in writing.

So there you have it, I hope that some of you may take the jump, try these supplements, and watch your future unfold. Yes, it’s a commitment every single day, a commitment with your budget, and yes, I feel like a grandma with my giant vitamin case… however, the advantages are like nothing I have ever experienced and are sincerely priceless.


Natural Supplements

St. Johns Wort: (anxiety, depression, tiredness)

DL-Phenylalanine: (ADHD, boost mood, mental alertness) 500mg

L;Tyrosine: (anxiety, blood pressure, smoother brain function) 1000mg

N.A.C: (prevents bipolar disorder & cancer, lung & liver health, shortness of breath) 500mg

Ginkgo Biloba: (prevents Alzheimer’s, ADHD, brain function, depression) 120mg

5-HTP: (prevents Alzheimer’s, brain function, mood stabilizer) 100mg

CoQ10: (brain muscle rebuilder) 200mg

Omega 3 Fish Oil: (brain function, lubricates joints) 6000mg






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Working with Carrie Fisher; more than just makeup.

As Salt Lake City’s Comic Con September 2015 gets closer and closer I cannot help but to think of my last Comic Con experience…

At Salt Lake City’s Comic Con I am hired on as a makeup artist and hair stylist who not only provides assistance in the green room prior to the celebrity photo ops, but who also arrives early at the guest’s hotel to get select stars ready from “0 to 10” as I like to call it, or shall we say “wet hair in a towel to ‘Celebrity Fan ready.’” I have always enjoyed my experiences at Comic Con and have found them very rewarding. This event I am about to share in particular stands out to me and has very little or rather nothing to do with actual makeup or styling.

This past January one of the selected celebrities I was responsible for getting ready was Ms. Carrie Fisher. Carrie is our beautiful actress whom most of us know from being the female lead in Star Wars, “Princess Leia”.

I was with Carrie for two days and caught on quick to the idea that she never has lived a “normal” life. Just to give you a bit of understanding, she was an only child who grew up with Frank Sinatra as a regular guest in her parent’s home as Carrie’s parents were Debbie Reynolds, a well-known actress, and Eddie Fisher, a famous singer.

Unlike her life however, Carrie is very “normal”. Like a “normal” person would, she greeted me with a smile and offered me a Coke; and as with happens with many “normal” people, we soon became comfortable acquaintances and the day started off great. Noticing that throughout the first day of her signings she had hundreds if not thousands of fans I thought to myself, “Wow! I can’t imagine the type of pressure you would feel having to continue as this false person (or character) you portrayed over 30 years ago and to be only known as Princess Leia and not Carrie.”

I have always been one to treat all my clients, talent, actors, etc. the same- with dignity, kindness, and respect. There is no reason why anyone should be treated any differently. The truth is, that is all people want! At the end of the day, any person wants to be treated like just that- a person. They want normal conversations about real life events. They want to feel appreciated for being who they are, not who they are trying to be. After those two long days, being there to escort her in and out of photo ops, giving her positive reinforcement,, there to give her a hug and reminding her “you’ve got this”, Carrie made it through all of her countless fans.

As the end of the closing day came, the owner of Salt Lake City’s Comic Con’s wife, Stephanie Farr, approached me and said, “Thank you for being so motherly and nurturing to Carrie. I think she really needed it.” I remember that night as I packed my bags and left, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Stephanie had said to me. In all of my years of doing makeup and styling, I have never had anyone give me such a genuine heart-warming compliment. It caused me to really think deeply about the idea that all people want at the end of the day is to feel cared for and appreciated on a real level. The glam and fame is all a cover. Underneath it however, lies human beings just like you and me who want to be just that- like you and me- and to be loved as “just” that.

I am eternally grateful for the experiences my career has led me to and that I have the privilege of sharing them with you. This experience has enhanced my life as it has granted more love and compassion in my relationship with myself and with others.



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The overpowering necessity to create, create, create.

I always knew I wanted to include a blog within my website for the obvious reasons of sharing inspirational stories, beauty guides, how to’s, etc. Yet, when I thought about actually sitting down and writing, I kept feeling stumped. I had brain stormed endless topics to share, but something was stopping me from sharing anything at all.

I was in Frisco, Colorado during this “stumped” period, I was having an intimate conversation at dinner with a business mentor of mine and she stopped and asked me, “Why haven’t you just started?” Being put on the spot I answered with the reply that came instantly to mind, “Have you ever been afraid of success?” I went on to explain that if I started writing blogs I knew I would have to stay consistent in order to hold up to my own standards (I have always been a believer of not starting anything unless you’re 100 % committed). I further explained that in my life’s experience, I had found that with more success comes more responsibility, and that that discovery was the reason why I had drawn my conclusion to not pick up writing quite yet: it was too large of a commitment, whether or not it became successful.
Little to my surprise that response was very incorrect. A few weeks later I was reading an article about artists and their common relation with (HPS) highly sensitive person. In the article, I came across an incredibly resonating quote from Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner, Pearl S. Buck:

“The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this:
A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.
To him… A touch is a blow,
A sound is a noise,
A misfortune is a tragedy,
A joy is an ecstasy,
A friend is a lover,
A lover is a god,
And failure is death.
Add to this cruelly delicate organism the overpowering necessity to create, create, create… So that without the creating of music or poetry or books or buildings or something of meaning, his very breath is cut off from him. He must create, must pour out creation. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency he is not really alive unless he is creating.”

There was a definite relatability with the “overpowering necessity to create, create, create.” But true resonation and realization came with the line “…failure is death.” It was almost as if a switch, previously untouched, had been turned on in my mind: I had put off writing not because the fear of success but because of the fear of failure! I knew I had passionate feelings, thoughts, and stories about my career and wanted to put them into words! I knew I wanted share them with others in hopes of reiterating my actual feelings of the experiences so all could feel the heart behind them!
I have always thought after you figure out the “whys” of something, half the battle has already been won, and I had won that half of the particular battle! With my stubborn Taurus personality the last thing I was going to do was lose the latter half and let fear win!
So, here I am, ready to share my experiences, my inspirations, my creations, my knowledge, my stories, and my occasional whit. May you in turn walk away feeling fulfilled and enlightened, ready to take on the world in whichever way you do so!




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