June 2016

Keeping Summer’s Shine & Sweat Away!!

As this summer season has heated up I wanted to share some great tips on keeping your skin and your makeup looking flawless.

My first product that is a MUST HAVE and also a Hollywood Secret is called “Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive + Oil Control cream”. This all in one product is great for camera makeup or just everyday makeup that you want to keep shine-free. It should be used as a primer of sorts, so after your moisturizer, before your makeup. And those who don’t wear makeup- no problem! I use it on men all the time, including ones who shave their head and don’t want to be a disco ball for the day. Why do I love this product compared to other primers/anti-shine products? It lasts all day, and I mean all day! It also feels good when it goes on the skin and even better- it IS good for the skin. It is made with quality ingredients and great for sensitive/acne prone skin as well. Remember a little bit goes a long way and it is well worth the price. It is only $25.00 and you can find it on MakeupMania.com.

My second favorite summer product is the “EltaMD tinted UV broad-spectrum SPF 46″. This sunscreen is one of my favorites for multiple reasons. The tinted version improves the appearance of your skin and doesn’t leave you with a white face after applying (men love it for that reason too), it has a a higher SPF than average so you know you’ll be protected no matter where you are, it is filled with nutrients like hyaluronic acid so your skin stays hydrated through out the day, and it also has a light-weight texture/non-greasy formula. This product you can find at one of your local medical spas or on Amazon.

My third summer product is a great (super-inexpensive) loose powder that keeps away shine and sets your makeup. It is the “E.L.F High Definition Powder”. I love this translucent powder because it is finely milled which helps to blur out any imperfections, minimize your pore size, keep away shine, all while keeping your makeup on longer! All of this for only $6.00! You can find this at local drug stores or on Amazon.


I hope these tips came in handy so you can enjoy your summer and look beautiful while doing it!  😉




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