March 2016

Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag.

After a long winter it’s time for all of us to climb out of our hibernation and it is safe to say we all get the itch to clean out our surroundings and start fresh.

I frequently am asked by brides, actors, or clients if a cosmetic shelf-life really matters or more often it’s a product they talk about that doesn’t work like it used to. Either their foundation shade has changed and no longer matches their skin or their cream blush is no longer smooth. These are signs that your products have far reached their shelf life. Similar to the food we eat, it all expires and/or goes stale.

Remember when you were a kid and your favorite nail polish became just globs of goop that never dried, (you didn’t care though, the confetti glitter consumed all your thoughts) then one day your mother had enough and tossed it. Well, that same type of thing happens to our makeup although it may not be that obvious.

A quick tip, any makeup product with water in the ingredients provides a friendly place for bacteria to thrive. So your liquid liners, your liquid foundations, creams, mascara etc. all have a quicker expiration than powders. For example, if your skin randomly starts breaking out, it could due to expired foundation or concealer. If your lipstick or gloss starts to smell funky that is also a sign. And for those of you who get coldsores- my advice: DO NOT use any lipstick or gloss until it is completely healed, otherwise it’s time toss it. Those previous germs can harbor themselves and could cause you future coldsores.

As far as eye products go, this is one to watch. Expired products are breeding ground for eye infections such as pink eye, styes, etc. Also when buying new eye brushes, (especially really inexpensive ones online!), cleanse them before use! Sometimes the manufacture’s will have leftover toxins on the bristles that could cause an eye infection.

A great way to keep your products clean while they are still in good standing is by using a cosmetic sanitizer spray. I like the Beauty-So-Clean spray. (Thank you, Amazon) Spray 6 inches from the product, wait 10 seconds, and then you’re ready to use. This is great for professional makeup artists or anyone sharing their makeup. (Let’s be honest, you may share with your friends or your daughters once in a while.) This is also a smart way to disinfect product after an eye infection or a break out.

Below I have added a general expiration list, this may change with each brand according to their ingredients and preservatives- so again, generally speaking.


  • POWDERS – 2 yrs.
  • CREAM BLUSH – 18 months
  • FOUNDATION – 1 yr.
  • CONCEALER – 18 months
  • LIPGLOSS – 2 yrs.
  • PENCIL EYELINER – 2 yrs.
  • GEL/LIQUID LINER – 3 months
  • MASCARA – 3 months

An easy way to keep track is mark on a calendar the days you purchase your makeup and get in the habit of looking at those dates every so often. If it’s every season your get a new mascara- perfect. Or if every Christmas you get a new lipstick- perfect. There are plenty of easy ways to organize the timing of your makeup depending on your needs.

I hope that list helps you do a little spring cleaning and save your face from unwanted breakouts or infections.





“The spring wakes us, nurtures us and revitalizes us. How often does your spring come? If you are a prisoner of the calendar, it comes once a year. If you are creating authentic power, it comes frequently, or very frequently.” –Gary Zukav




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