How to enhance your most magnificent organ; your brain.

This particular life changing experience I am going to share with you is something that I never imagined could happen, let alone a personal triumph I would share with others.

As a backstory growing up I was never a reader. I enjoyed reading when I could stay focused but as I grew older the harder it became to focus on the words and even more so the comprehension. I managed to get by with decent grades and found more of my natural strengths in the Arts.

Now fast forward to present day. I recently read a book called “Unchain Your Brain” by Dr. Amen, a well-known Neurologist from California. My fiancé had introduced me to the book where as he had his brain scanned from Dr. Amen a few years back. When I was then later reading over his brain-scan results I came across all of these natural supplements that offered major brain health benefits.

A lot of these supplements were also to naturally help with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, concentration, energy, mood support, brain function, etc. I was already in the process of making some healthy lifestyle changes such as becoming more active, making all three of my meals at home with quality ingredients, getting a decent amount of sleep each night, etc. I thought why not add another element to continue improving my lifestyle. Either this was going to be a positive change and the results would be priceless or I would have no regrets, there is no point in feeling guilty over a decision that could possibly benefit your life.

And what happened next was absolutely incredible. I noticed within the first week my moods were more stable, I just simply woke up happier. Shortly after that I noticed I was able to think and speak more clearly. And then you won’t believe it, I started reading and it was like never before. I still had to consciously stay focused but it came much easier and quicker. I was able to read at about twice the speed without having to re-read pages, where as before my mind would float off in space while reading. My comprehension and vocabulary was growing at a rapid rate. I noticed in my communicating with others that my confidence had built because I truly felt smarter. I felt as if my relationships all around me had changed because I was able to truly engage in conversations. I could listen well and then respond with something intelligent and meaningful. I have always enjoyed learning but now I feel as if my capacity for learning has grown. I rarely get the “brain overload” feeling or “burnt out” feeling. I no longer have shortness of breath when overworked or put into a tough emotional situation. I no longer feel the lack of motivation when it comes to things like reading, writing, and everyday tasks.

And the best part of all of these dramatic life-changing experiences is the capacity of things I am able to juggle and with that said juggle with grace. I was told at a young age that multi-tasking was not one of my talents and that I should do things one at a time in order to get them done efficiently. I had believed that for a very long time, until now. Yes, I learned some great techniques because of my past and that is a huge reason why I am excellent at paying attention to detail (which for my line of work is crucial) but now I am able to multi-task. And that alone has grown my confidence & more importantly my self-love, to a whole new level. I would attribute a huge part of that self-love growth to the fact that I am able to accomplish more within a day, which then leads me going to bed that night feeling capable, efficient, successful, and ready to rest. Then once I was able to do this in a pattern or schedule like manner then I noticed I was sleeping easier and deeper and waking with more excitement to take on a new day.

Now some of you may ask what prompted me to share this particular story with you? Well, I was talking with a great friend and example of mine that some of you may be familiar with, Richard Paul Evans, a well-known successful author. I asked him what made him want to be a author, he replied with the response that when he was younger he had trouble staying interested in books because many moved slower than his mind, so he decided to write his own that could rather keep up with him. This then lead me to mention my past struggle with focusing and the Dr. Amen book along with the supplements I was taking. He was very intrigued and he said, “That’s what you should write your next blog on!” And I would be crazy if I did not take advice from a very, very intelligent man whose strength is in writing.

So there you have it, I hope that some of you may take the jump, try these supplements, and watch your future unfold. Yes, it’s a commitment every single day, a commitment with your budget, and yes, I feel like a grandma with my giant vitamin case… however, the advantages are like nothing I have ever experienced and are sincerely priceless.


Natural Supplements

St. Johns Wort: (anxiety, depression, tiredness)

DL-Phenylalanine: (ADHD, boost mood, mental alertness) 500mg

L;Tyrosine: (anxiety, blood pressure, smoother brain function) 1000mg

N.A.C: (prevents bipolar disorder & cancer, lung & liver health, shortness of breath) 500mg

Ginkgo Biloba: (prevents Alzheimer’s, ADHD, brain function, depression) 120mg

5-HTP: (prevents Alzheimer’s, brain function, mood stabilizer) 100mg

CoQ10: (brain muscle rebuilder) 200mg

Omega 3 Fish Oil: (brain function, lubricates joints) 6000mg






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